Alexander Volkanovski: Ilia Topuria ‘crumbled at the presser, he’s going to crumble’ in UFC 298 headliner

    Alexander Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria have completed the talking phase of the build-up to UFC 298’s championship main event. Now there’s only one thing left to do.

    Volkanovski puts his featherweight title on the line for sixth time when he faces the undefeated Topuria on Saturday in Anaheim, Calif. On Friday, both men hit the scale and faced off one final time at the UFC 298 ceremonial weigh-in.

    The final staredown was intense, yet still respectful. Topuria was asked about his final thoughts before stepping into the octagon for a UFC world championship for the first time.

    “I’m ready,” Topuria told Joe Rogan. “They’re going to witness, I’m going to make history tomorrow night. One more sleep.”

    Volkanovski then had his chance to speak, and Rogan brought up Topuria’s confidence throughout the road to the high stakes contest, along with the challenger grabbing the belt at the press conference on Thursday.

    For the champion, it’s not about the trash talk. It’s all about who backs it up when the referee says go.

    “All of that’s all over now, now he’s got to step in the octagon with me,” Volkanovski said. “I’m going to show him. He crumbled at the presser, he’s going to crumble tomorrow as well. And still. Let’s go.”

    UFC 298 takes place at the Honda Center. The card airs live on pay-per-view.

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