Audience Member Interferes In Male vs. Female MMA Fight

    An audience member had seen enough of an intergender MMA fight and decided to take action.

    At a recent Russian MMA event, there was an intergender fight that took place between Russian pornstar and singer Alexander Pistoletov and his opponent, Sasha Mamaha. The event was from a promotion titled “Epic Fighting Championship.” It is unconfirmed if either fighter has competed in an MMA contest before.

    In any case, what could already be viewed as a circus of a contest from a matchmaking standpoint became even more chaotic when an audience member rushed into the cage and interfered in the matchup.

    According to Twitter user @Matysek88, the individual who interfered was a friend of Mamaha’s. After diving onto Pistoletov and appearing to attempt a rough chokehold on the porn star, the official and security were able to pry him off of Pistoletov and escort him out of the cage.

    At that point, the fight was restarted and Pistoletov was able to earn the submission victory.

    You can view the entire bedlam for yourself below.

    What is your reaction to this wild video?

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