Brendan Schaub gets brutally honest on the UFC and business

    Brendan Schaub has been very vocal about the way the UFC does business with the fighters. The big talk recently has been with Francis Ngannou and the way his team is negotiating with Dana White.

    Brendan Schaub recently went on his podcast and brought up a great example of the UFC bullying one of its fighters. He looks back at the situation with Roger Huerta.

    “But remember he got too big for his britches and tried bailing out the UFC, you remember what happened to him?” said Schaub, referring to Huerta [ht sportskeeda]. “[UFC] said, ‘Very cool dude, so remember your main-eventing Fight Nights and we’re putting you on pay-per-views and stuff? Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to shelf you.”

    “You want to fight out your last two fights?… You’re going to go test free agency? Well, that’s going to hurt our brand,” continued Schaub about the UFC. “So what we’re going to do is, you’re on a rocket ship and we’re going to pull the fuel from that. We’re going to bench you so that you’re not relevant. When you do fight. We’re going to give you the worst possible match-up, good luck’… They ruined him.”

    It may not be the same situation as Francis Ngannou since the heavyweight is currently a champion but it is a grim reminder that the UFC is a business and friends with the fighters. The situation with the heavyweight champion will be an interesting one to watch after his first title defense.

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