Calling Jake Paul Fight Off Was Darkest Day Of My Life

    Tommy Fury’s decision to pull out of his originally scheduled fight with Jake Paul was more difficult to make than most were poised to believe.

    Fury defeated Anthony Taylor on the first Paul vs. Tyron Woodley card in 2021 before agreeing to a fight with Paul next. The buildup to the Fury vs. Paul fight began backstage in Cleveland when their respective teams nearly came to blows.

    The fight was expected to be a true test for Paul, who arguably hasn’t faced a true boxer in his young fighting career. Just weeks before the event, Fury withdrew due to a chest infection and rib injury.

    During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Fury described the aftermath of pulling out of the highly anticipated matchup.

    “When I made the call, to call this fight off, me and my team, that was probably the darkest days that I’ve had in my life so far,” Fury said. “Because when you train as a kid for that particular night, you know, the big headlining show in Florida, in America, streamed all over the world, that’s the moment you train for all your life.

    When it gets ripped away from you through no fault of your own really, it’s devastating. That was the darkest time of my life.

    “But I’ve said to myself I’m not gonna let that carry on into next year. This year is all about positivity. I’m leaving all those setbacks in 2021.”

    Tommy Fury Still Thinks Jake Paul Rescheduled Bout Is Fight To Make

    Paul won back-to-back fights over Woodley in 2021. Before that, he earned a vicious first-round knockout over former UFC fighter Ben Askren. Both he and Fury are undefeated in their young boxing tenures.

    Tommy, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has been tabbed as a legitimate boxing prospect in recent years. But despite his flawless record, his strength of competition hasn’t exactly been stellar, with many of his opponents having abysmal records.

    It’s unclear whether or not Fury vs. Paul will happen next, as Paul has alluded to taking some time off and returning in the summer. In the meantime, Fury sounds hellbent on getting the fight rescheduled and settling their beef inside the ring.

    How do you think a Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight plays out?

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