Charles Oliveira Says His Vision Is So Bad He Sees Three Fighters In The Octagon

    Charles Oliveira has explained exactly how bad his eyesight is.

    The UFC lightweight champion is almost always seen sporting glasses when he’s not competing or training and there’s a good reason for that.

    According to Oliveira, he can’t see much without them and his vision is so bad that when he’s fighting he actually sees three opponents rather than the one he’s actually facing. Luckily, ‘Do Bronx’ has the perfect solution for that problem.

    “I see three [faces]. If I hit the middle one, that’s fine,” Oliveira said on the Flow podcast. “I think keep this same technique. Three guys for me is perfect. If I hit the one in the middle, it’s good. I’ll tell you the truth, I’m a guy who has a lot of faith in God and it’s no joke. If I take my glasses off, I only see 50 per cent but it never hindered me in a fight.”

    “It never hindered me in a fight. Sometimes I walk in without the glasses, sometimes I walk in with the glasses. It depends on my vibe. Sometimes I like to walk in with glasses to look harmless and more nerdy than I already am. And when I take my glasses off, it’s normal, I can see my opponent on the other side. God blesses me so much that I can see normal. But on the streets, if I take them off, I’m blind.” (Transcribed by MMA Mania)

    What’s Next For Charles Oliveira?

    The Brazilian submission specialist impressively defended his lightweight title in December by tapping out Dustin Poirier inside three rounds at UFC 269.

    Justin Gaethje appears to be next in line for a shot at the title and is pushing for it. However, Conor McGregor is on his way back from injury and has also expressed an interest in fighting Oliveira next.

    The champ isn’t pretending that he doesn’t want the ‘Red Panty Night’ but the ultimate decision will lay with UFC president Dana White and his matchmakers.

    Who do you want to see Charles Oliveira fight next?

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