Cheyanne Vlismas claims she’s been in hiding since UFC win, husband JP Buys responds –

    Cheyanne Vlismas and JP Buys

    JP Buys has responded after his wife Cheyanne Vlismas claimed she’s been “in hiding” ever since her UFC win last month.

    Vlismas (7-2 MMA) competed on three occasions in 2021, producing a record of 2-1.

    ‘The Warrior Princess’ most recently took to the Octagon at last month’s UFC Vegas 44 event, where she earned a unanimous decision victory over Mallory Martin.

    Aside from her impressive performance, fight fans also took notice that Cheyanne was now dawning her maiden name of Vlismas, as opposed to her married name of Buys.

    The 26-year-old explained that decision and why she has been in hiding during a recent interview with MMAFighting.

    “Unfortunately, I would love to fight again [and] soon, but because of reasons beyond belief, I cannot fight, and I cannot make any more money until I finalize some things in my life, and I don’t know when that will be,” Vlismas said. “I’m trying to make that soon, but I don’t have an answer. I’m hoping by summer. I’m praying by summer. That’s what I’m gonna shoot for. As far as 2022, you’ll see me, but I have no answers. And honestly, it makes me want to cry how I have no answers for anything.”

    Cheyanne Vlismas continued:

    “A lot of things happened before my fight — and even after my fight — and I decided what’s best is to just escape. I’ve been gone now for two weeks and I love it. I’m overseas and just living my life. The only thing I truly hated was the first time you saw me in 2021, for my debut. It was a great camp, but I got injured right before the fight, 10 days out. [I was] very badly injured, needed surgery. I took the fight still, got an opponent change, got embarrassed in my debut, I couldn’t do anything. Then (I) got the surgery, got back into fight camp, had a good fight. Then, getting a divorce.. It’s been a roller-coaster, to say the least.”

    Cheyanne’s husband JP, who she is allegedly in the process of divorcing, caught word of her recent comments and issued the following rebuttal.

    “Hiding from what? In a country no one knows where she’s at? Everyone here knows she has been in Batumi Georgia with Roman, the same guy she has been having an affair with behind my back. While still married.” – Buys captioned a post on Twitter.

    What do you make of the news that Cheyanne Vlismas has been “in hiding” ever since her win at UFC Vegas 44?

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