Cheyanne Vlismas may not fight soon due to ‘reasons beyond belief’

    Cheyanne Vlismas may not fight soon due to ‘reasons beyond belief’

    Cheyanne Vlismas just secured one of the biggest wins of her career, but she may have to take a break from fighting for the time being following issues in her personal life.

    “Unfortunately, I would love to fight again [and] soon, but because of reasons beyond belief, I cannot fight, and I cannot make any more money until I finalize some things in my life, and I don’t know when that will be,” Vlismas told MMA Fighting. “I’m trying to make that soon, but I don’t have an answer. I’m hoping by summer. I’m praying by summer. That’s what I’m gonna shoot for.”

    Vlismas (formerly Buys) was previously married to fellow UFC fighter, JP Buys, but the pair have since split. They often fought side by side and sold themselves as a married UFC couple fighting on the same night.

    “As far as 2022, you’ll see me, but I have no answers. And honestly, it makes me want to cry how I have no answers for anything.”

    Following her UFC Vegas 44 win over Mallory Martin Vlismas hinted that something was happening behind the scenes but would not elaborate on the details.

    “No one knows where I’m at, and I’m actually keeping it that way,” Vlismas said. “A lot of things happened before my fight — and even after my fight — and I decided what’s best is to just escape. I’ve been gone now for two weeks and I love it. I’m overseas and just living my life.”

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