Ciryl Gane Applauds Francis Ngannou’s Boxing Aspirations

    Ciryl Gane doesnโ€™t mind UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou speaking about a possible crossover fight with boxer Tyson Fury.

    Ngannou and Gane have had quite the buildup to their showdown at UFC 270. While the two heavyweights havenโ€™t gone at each other directly in the media, Ngannouโ€™s issues with Ganeโ€™s coach Fernand Lopez are well-publicized.

    Ngannou and the UFC appear to still be at a crossroads regarding a new contract. His fight with Gane is the last bout on his deal if he loses his heavyweight title at UFC 270.

    Ngannou and Fury recently went at it on social media regarding a possible boxing match, but Gane doesnโ€™t believe Ngannou is overlooking him. During a recent interview with Mirror and others, Gane reacted to Ngannouโ€™s recent comments regarding a move to the boxing ring.

    โ€œThis is a smart move, this is a new move. Everybody knows you have more money in this game [boxing] for a long time, so yeah this is a smart move,โ€ Gane said. โ€œI think Francis is a smart guy, he talks about that and he talks about the future but heโ€™s focused on the present. He knows he has a challenge with me, so I think he takes me serious.โ€ (h/t Mirror)

    Gane is widely regarded as one of the most diverse strikers in the UFC, with incredible movement for a heavyweight. He could potentially give Ngannou all kinds of issues in their matchup.

    The two giants briefly trained together at MMA Factory in France before Ngannou was kicked out by Lopez due to allegedly being a bad teammate and not paying fees. Sparring footage of Gane and Ngannou has leaked during the pre-fight theatrics.

    If Ngannou is overlooking Gane, itโ€™s clear that Gane would be the beneficiary. In what UFC president Dana White has called arguably the biggest heavyweight fight in years, both men look to cement themselves as potentially an all-time UFC great.

    What is your prediction for UFC 270?

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