Conor McGregor reigns supreme in top-25 athlete earnings per minute for 2021 –

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    Conor McGregor has topped the 2021 list for athletesโ€™ earnings per minute with an insane $8,695,652 per minute of competition, according to a recent report.

    The list, conducted by Online Betting Guide, works out how much an athlete received per every minute they were active. However, for McGregor, it only covers his January rematch with Dustin Poirier and not the July trilogy โ€“ and their claim that he was only in there for โ€œtwo and a half minutesโ€ seems to indicate that theyโ€™ve only accounted for the second round and not the first.

    Alas, even if they did, it would still leave him top of the pile with around $2.75 million earned for every minute he fought โ€œThe Diamondโ€ on Fight Island.

    The top 10 list, as per OLBG, is below, with details being found in the link above.

    1st โ€“ Conor McGregor (MMA)

    2nd โ€“ Canelo Alvarez (Boxing)

    3rd โ€“ Dak Prescott (American football)

    4th โ€“ Ronnie Stanley (American football)

    5th โ€“ David Bakhtiari (American football)

    6th โ€“ Joey Bosa (American football)

    7th โ€“ Trent Williams (American football)

    8th โ€“ Myles Garrett (American football)

    9th โ€“ Jalen Ramsey (American football)

    10th โ€“ Marlon Humphrey (American football)

    Whether you like him or you hate him, thereโ€™s no way of denying the incredible impact that Conor McGregor had on mixed martial arts in 2021 โ€“ continuing the trend heโ€™s been on throughout the course of his career.

    โ€œThe Notoriousโ€ seems to be determined to get back into the Octagon in 2022 and if he does, we wouldnโ€™t be at all surprised to see these numbers shoot through the roof even more so than they already have.

    What do you think about the earnings of Conor McGregor? Will we ever see another fighter get close to the kind of income that heโ€™s accumulated? If so, who do you think could be that next breakout star? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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