Conor McGregor’s pub in Dublin targeted with Molotov cocktails

    An upscale pub in Dublin owned by former UFC dual champion Conor McGregor was the target of a pair of Molotov cocktails Wednesday.

    According to a report in The Mirror, The Black Forge Inn was targeted with “petrol bombs,” commonly referred to as Molotov cocktails – typically glass bottles filled with a gas and oil mixture, then thrown after a piece of cloth acting as a wick is lit.

    According to the report, no damage was done to the pub, which McGregor purchased in 2019, and it is open. The Black Forge Inn gave a statement to The Mirror and said McGregor was not on site at the time of the incident and that the Irish police – the gardai – have started an investigation.

    “After hours (Wednesday) it appears that criminals made an unprovoked effort to inflict damage to the Black Forge Inn,” the statement to The Mirror reads. “There was no damage done to any patrons, employees or the Forge and Mr. McGregor was not on the premises at the time of the incident. The gardai have opened an investigation into the event. We are open and busy as always.”

    The Mirror reported police are looking for video footage of two men allegedly seen driving toward the pub on a scooter just before the incident. Two other Molotov cocktails reportedly were found near the scene, as well.

    The Black Forge Inn is one of McGregor’s most recent outside-the-cage business dealings. He bought the property for a reported $2.75 million. Not surprisingly, the pub stocks plenty of the Irish whiskey McGregor launched in 2018, Proper No. Twelve – which was named for the Crumlin (12) postal district McGregor grew up in in Dublin. The Black Forge Inn is located in that same district.

    McGregor has lost three of his past four fights. He was submitted by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in October 2018 at a now-infamous event that erupted in a cageside brawl after the fight. After a TKO of Donald Cerrone in January 2020, McGregor had back-to-back losses to Dustin Poirier in 2021. In the second of those fights, he broke his leg, leading to a TKO.

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