Dana White Explains Why Cejudo Was Not Selected To Replace Holloway

    Henry Cejudo will have to wait if he wants a title shot upon return.

    Dana White hears pleas from fighters all the time. Many times fighters think they deserve a title shot, but White has to be the person to set them straight. This is the case recently with former two-division champion Henry Cejudo.

    Cejudo wanted to return from retirement and step in to face Alexander Volkanovski when Max Holloway pulled out. Instead, the UFC went with Chan Sung Jung as the replacement. White has now explained why that was the road taken.

    โ€œI can tell you this: The โ€˜Korean Zombieโ€™ has been here fighting,โ€ White told BT Sport. โ€œThis guyโ€™s retired. Heโ€™s been off for how many years now, and he wants to come in and fight Alexander Volkanovski? Youโ€™ve got guys like the Zombie, Josh Emmett, Giga whoโ€™s fighting this weekend. Youโ€™ve got these guys that are in here doing it three times a year and working their way up. For Cejudo to retire and then just think he should be able to come in and jump into any weight division and take on the champion, itโ€™s not how it works.โ€

    Cejudo retired from MMA following his last win back in May of 2020. However, since he walked away he has still continued to tease a return. His desire to fight again has been a bit more prevalent recently. Cejudo was interested in a return to bantamweight but has been calling out featherweight champion Volkanovski as well. Cejudo was interested in jumping into the title fight with Volkanovski but has never competed in the UFC featherweight division.

    Unlike Cejudo, Jung has been active in the featherweight division and has won three of his last four against top opponents. If Cejudo is serious about a return, the UFC would most likely accept it. However, he might need one fight at 145 pounds against someone in the top five if he is looking for a title shot.

    Do you think Cejudoโ€™s rรฉsumรฉ could allow for an immediate title shot?

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