Dana White shuts down ‘silly conversation’ about Henry Cejudo’s title shot calls

    Former UFC double-champ Henry Cejudo has been adamant about unretiring and potentially making history as the first-ever three-division titleholder. The 34-year-old competitor retired in 2020, but as of late, he’s been campaigning for a fight against featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

    The organization, from their end, isn’t interested. For UFC president Dana White, Cejudo jumping the line despite his former champ-champ status doesn’t make sense.

    “For Cejudo to retire and then just think he should be able to come in and jump into any weight division and take on the champion, it’s not how it works.”

    Not to be outdone, Cejudo continued to push hard.

    After Saturday’s UFC Vegas 46 event, White was once again asked about the Cejudo situation. As expected, he didn’t budge on his stance.

    “The last time I saw, he’s retired. And now he’s mad he didn’t get a title shot? That doesn’t even make sense. In a different weight class? It doesn’t make sense,” he told reporters during the post-event scrum.

    “So I should’ve jumped over everybody and gave it to him because all of a sudden, last week he decided he’s not retired? Come on, man. This is a f—ng silly conversation. Silly.”

    White seemed open to the idea of Cejudo returning at flyweight or bantamweight. Featherweight, however, seems out of the question… for now.

    “If he wants to come back and try to win the title again in his weight class, and then talk about moving up and then talk about moving up or doing something else. But you don’t just f—ng pop up and start calling some of these names and think you’re gonna get a title shot in a different weight class when you’ve been retired for two and a half years?”

    Cejudo, of course, had a response to the bossman’s recent comments.

    Cejudo last saw action at UFC 249 in May 2020 to defend the bantamweight title against former champion Dominick Cruz. He won via second-round TKO and retired shortly after.

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