Darren Till’s Instagram account deleted, Sean Strickland responds

    Sean Strickland – UFC

    UFC middleweights Darren Till and Sean Strickland bonded on Twitter yesterday โ€“ because theyโ€™ve both had their Instagram accounts deleted.

    The middleweight division is as exciting as it has been in a long time and two of the many reasons for that are Darren Till and Sean Strickland. Both men have had their fair share of ups and downs but along the way, theyโ€™ve created some fascinating personas for themselves on social media. Till is recognized for being a bit of a comedian whereas Strickland, to put it lightly, says things that can often be construed as controversial.

    In addition to that theyโ€™ve both been somewhat censored by Instagram, as confirmed during the following exchange yesterday.

    Till: โ€œInstagram have deleted my account! Arr well, social media is getting worse by the day anyways. Goodbye everyone! Say hello if you see me outsideโ€ฆ Going to work like no other this year. Goals to achieve. Just moved into my new house aswell so congratulations to me!โ€

    Strickland: โ€œ@darrentill2 welcome to the Instagram ban club just remember this is a safe place, just because they have a COCK and BALLS doesnโ€™t mean their a MAN and yes MEN can get PREGNANT. Oh and some people also identify as animals.. soo donโ€™t assume a HUMAN isnโ€™t a DOG. SAFE PLACE.โ€

    Sean Strickland has noted that he isnโ€™t particularly interested in fighting Till right now given where they both are in the rankings, but it wouldnโ€™t be at all surprising to see them square off in the future.

    Who do you think is funnier on social media โ€“ Darren Till or Sean Strickland? If they ever fought, who would you consider to be the favourite in their bout? Let us know your thoughts on them, their Twitter antics, the middleweight division and more down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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