Dillon Danis responds following ruthless troll job from Ariel Helwani: “Your arms look like car antennas” –

    Bellator fighter Dillon Danis has responded after being ruthlessly trolled by MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani.

    Last week, the longtime MMA reporter seemingly commended Jake Paul for his ‘real challenge’ to UFC President Dana White.

    Helwani’s support of boxing’s ‘Problem Child’ clearly struck a nerve with Dillon Danis, as ‘El Jefe’ responded with the following remark: “Ariel you’re a b*tch”.


    Not to be outdone, Ariel Helwani clapped back at Dillon Danis with some strong words of his own.

    ”Guys if you think life sucks right now just think you could have begged for 3 years to fight an 0-0 YouTuber and 3 years later still not be popular enough or good enough to even be considered a worthy opponent for him. Imagine that. In other words, you could be Dillon Danis.”

    Ariel Helwani continued:

    “Hey guys follow me real quick and I’ll follow you back and pay you 1k. Ffs. Get a grip Dillon. Who acts like this? 3…2…1 before ol DD texts me hey bro why don’t you like me? Like, I thought we were cool bro. Can’t wait for the witty tweet reply, too. And then he’ll call for a truce and then ask me to RT his tweets every two seconds. What a pleasure.”

    Now, one week after Ariel’s roast job, Dillon Danis took to Twitter to issue the following rebuttal.

    “Ariel It’s bad enough you’ve been fired by every media outlet Don’t beg for crumbs from joke Paul by attacking me Just fade into oblivion.”

    “Took me awhile to read your insipid, bland, lifeless, Junior High ‘Journalism’. You’re a terrible writer. What did you do w/the $ your Mommy gave you for writing lessons? God knows you didn’t buy a gym membership with it Your arms look like car antennas.”

    Dillon Danis continued to unload on Ariel Helwani:

    “You’re a guy with ONE Shirt and ZERO Original Ideas. If you couldn’t beg fighters into giving you material you’d be making money being a fluffier for your wife’s boyfriend.”

    “You’re lucky you weren’t born before cars had power steering or your wife would hafta park the car Your autobiography is going to be called NOBODY LEFT TO GET FIRED BY.”

    In addition to tossing out multiple insults, Dillon Danis challenged Ariel Helwani to fight and suggested he would use only one arm.

    There has been no response from Helwani at the time of this article but it will be interesting to see if he’s willing to consider Dillon’s daring offer. Talking tough over a keyboard is one thing, but stepping in the ring with a trained fighter is another.

    This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM

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