Dustin Poirier & Nate Diaz Ramp Up Demands For Matchup

    The online chatter between Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz hasn’t slowed down one bit.

    The fan favorites took to Twitter again Wednesday to stress their interest in a matchup against one another.

    Things kicked off in the afternoon with a cryptic Tweet from Poirier that could have been directed towards anybody.

    The former lightweight title challenger put out “I’m gonna fight your ass,” kicking off what would be a numerous post discussion between the two.

    Diaz responded hours later with a message to the UFC.

    “Stop playing wit me consider this my signature to fight this ,” said Diaz in a Tweet that had an image of him and Poirier attached. “I been trying to fight for a minute quit slowing down the real fight game it’s time.”

    Shortly after, Poirier followed up with another vague post, simply saying “The real fight game.” Later in the night, he would share a mock poster for a fight between him and Diaz, potentially hoping to stir up excitement for the hypothetical fight.

    Poirier would wrap up his day of calling for the fight by replying to reporter Ariel Helwani. After Helwani pointed out how long Poirier has been calling for the fight, Poirier responded with “Let’s go bic boi.”

    Poirier and Diaz publicly shared interest in a fight last month, posting on Twitter about how they wanted to fight. This came after Poirier lost a title fight to UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira at UFC 269. However, those negotiations stalled shortly thereafter, with Diaz then hinting at a streetfight instead.

    The fighters had been previously booked to meet in 2018, but that booking fell through after Poirier suffered an injury.

    It is not known at the moment what is the roadblock to a fight between Poirier and Diaz happening, as the fight has yet to be officially set for a date. As a result, it is unknown if this fan-friendly matchup will ever actually come to fruition.

    Do you think Dustin Poirier vs. Nate Diaz will ever happen?

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