Fallon Fox Argues In Favor Of Transgender Athletes, Attempts To Debunk Claims

    Former transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox is looking to continue the conversation regarding transgenders competing against cisgender individuals.

    Fox hasn’t competed in MMA since winning against Tamikka Brents in 2014 in CCCW. Before that, she had competed in KOTC and CFA against the likes of Ashlee Evans-Smith and Ericka Newsome.

    Now a retired athlete, Fox is spending her time as an activist on a variety of LGBTQ issues, including transgenders in sports. This comes after Alana McLaughlin made her MMA debut recently and won in dominant fashion, despite being born a biological male.

    During a recent thread on her Twitter page, Fox shared data that could arguably support her position on transgenders in sports.

    “Don’t come at me with ‘trans women have an advantage over cis women with endurance’ ever again,” Fox said. “Trans athlete Isaac Henig is a trans man who has never been on HRT (testosterone), & he just beat trans woman Lia Thomas who has been on HRT for over 2yrs. Also, some cisgender women had faster times than Lia Thomas this time around.”

    Fallon Fox Has Been Considered One Of The Centerpieces Of The Transgender Athlete Discussion

    Fox first rose to prominence in 2014 when former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and UFC commentator Joe Rogan were a few big names to criticize her. She’s also taken aim at politicians for policies she and others view as transphobic.

    It’s unclear if transgender athletes will be able to compete in larger MMA promotions down the line, but Fox and others are keen on bringing the fight forward.

    Do you think transgender athletes should compete in MMA?

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