Flashback To Conor McGregor Investigated For Automatic Rifle Photo

    Before the pub attacks and alleged DJ abuse, Conor McGregor was in hot water for….a photograph?

    In January 2016, then-UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor was under investigation in Ireland for a photo he posted on Instagram that appeared to depict him holding an automatic rifle. The Notorious then returned to Dublin and had the Gardai looking into whether the weapon was real or a replica.

    “We are investigating the circumstances under which the photo was taken,” a Gardai spokesperson told The Irish Independent. “Gardai from Crumlin are investigating.”

    Here’s the photo in question:

    Some believed the firearm to be a replica Heckler and Koch MP5 machine pistol with a silencer attached.

    One day later, McGregor revealed released the following Instagram post to explain the image.

    “Media instigators/An Garda Siochana.
    I apologise for having the air-soft in public. I was simply rehearsing for a potential upcoming film role.
    I understand that the more traffic a story can get the more revenue it generates. So I understand and respect that the media must create these stories and these situations even if at times it is at other people’s expense.
    We’ve all got to eat. And I eat well.
    So I will not complain.”

    Despite the alleged investigation, McGregor went on to become obscenely rich, famous, and very much free to involve himself in multiple legitimate criminal investigations over the years.

    Most recently, McGregor was hit with assault charges after an alleged attack on famous Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti while in Rome last October and breaking his nose.

    As it stands, McGregor continues to live life lavishly and comfortably. Indeed, the only cage he can be found in is the UFC Octagon, where he continues to smash pay-per-view records quicker than a fan’s cell phone.

    The Notorious One is expected to make his UFC return this year after recovering from leg surgery. There is no word yet on who he will face next.

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