Francis Ngannou Expects Big Wrestling Advantage Over Ciryl Gane

    UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is teasing the use of his vastly improved grappling against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

    Ngannou earned the heavyweight title by knocking out Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 last year. While heโ€™s mainly known as an elite striker with knockout power, he showcased superb takedown defense and stifled Miocicโ€™s advances in the grappling department.

    Ngannou will likely never be known as an elite wrestler as he is a striker, but he isnโ€™t counting out the use of that toolbox in his matchup with Gane. During a recent interview with Michael Bisping on BT Sport, he explained why he feels he holds the advantage when it comes to grappling.

    โ€œIโ€™ve gotta admit that itโ€™s gonna be a tough fight, regarding his style,โ€ Ngannou said. โ€œBut (this is) one of the first times that I worked to a fight and like, I feel pretty confident about like, โ€˜Okay, letโ€™s say this guy will attempt a takedown or wrestling,โ€™ Iโ€™m like, โ€˜This is not a fight, this is not a game.โ€™ Itโ€™s not like when I was preparing for the Stipe fight, I (was like), โ€˜You better donโ€™t let him touch your legs,โ€™ you know?

    โ€œSo, Ciryl has a good striking, but he kind of lacks in that area (wrestling), which is all in my favor because I have a little bit of experience there. When I look at him and his record, he hasnโ€™t fought a wrestler, a good wrestler, yet. I was hoping sometime that heโ€™d get Curtis Blaydes. Before you get past Curtis Blaydes, I donโ€™t sign you off [LAUGHS].โ€

    Gane has arguably the most unique skillset out of all the heavyweight contenders. Heโ€™s able to use his movement on the feet like a welterweight to go with his power as a heavyweight.

    Ngannou and Gane used to train together briefly at MMA Factory in France before Ngannou parted ways with coach Fernand Lopez and moved to the United States. The two of them are familiar with one anotherโ€™s strengths and weaknesses through their time under Lopez.

    The Ngannou vs. Gane matchup has been pinned as a prototypical โ€˜power vs. techniqueโ€™ matchup, but Gane has played that down. While striking will be the main form of attack from both men, expect the unexpected in this heavyweight battle.

    What is your prediction for UFC 270?

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