‘Georgians are always unbreakable’ after loss

    Giga Chikadze says โ€˜Georgians are always unbreakableโ€™ following brutal loss to Calvin Kattar | Video

    On Saturday night Giga Chikadze suffered his first official UFC loss when Calvin Kattar brutally picked him apart for five full rounds. The bout, already a contender for Fight of the Year, saw both men transported to the hospital after a hard-fought battle.

    Shortly after the fight, Chikadze took to Facebook Live from his hospital bed to share his thoughts on his performance.

    โ€œI f*cked up last night, but itโ€™s all good,โ€ Chikadze said. โ€œItโ€™s the journey. Iโ€™m learning from this. Next time, Iโ€™m going to come back so much stronger. I already feel bad for my future opponents, so Iโ€™m going to learn a lot from this one. Trust me on that.

    โ€œAlso, I feel like if I would fight with this guy 10 times, nine I would win. That would be the one I would lose, and that was last night. It is what it is. I made mistakes, and Iโ€™m paying now with that. Itโ€™s all good. Iโ€™m unbreakable, remember this sh*t. Georgians are always unbreakable. This is how we fight: until the f*cking end.โ€

    Despite the loss, many fans praised him for lasting the five full rounds and not giving up or being finished in the face of a tough opponent.

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