Gillespie Has Reached Peak Frustration With Ferguson, UFC Booking

    After an impressive victory over Carlos Diego Ferreira last May, Gregor, “The Gift” Gillespie is still without a fight booked to start 2022.

    After Gillespie’s victory over Ferreira, he was offered fights, but none of them interested him due to his hopes of climbing the ladder to a title shot. The 35-year-old wanted a fight with Ferguson because he said everyone else in the division at the time was already booked.

    In an interview with MMAJunkie, Gillespie addressed his frustration regarding this fight not coming together and him remaining without an opponent.

    “Yeah, super frustrating. I’ve been radio silent for the last five or six years. I don’t call people out. I’ve been pretty adamant about not doing that,” said Gillespie.

    Gillespie also addressed his frustration via a video posted to his Instagram a few days ago about how Tony Ferguson turned down a fight with him. Gillespie had previously challenged Ferguson on December 14th with a friendly call-out on his Instagram page. Yet, Ferguson never responded.

    Gillespie is especially frustrated about Ferguson eying a fight against Michael Chandler instead of him.

    “He doesn’t want the fight and then I see him calling out Chandler and that really pissed me off,” Gillespie said. “Like you know, the ‘wrestler-wrestling season.’ Come on, give me a break. Chandler’s a great wrestler, but he doesn’t wrestle in his fights. In my last fight, I wrestled more than Mike Chandler has done in his last 10 fights.”

    Gillespie has a valid opinion when it comes to wrestling, as he’s a former D-1 NCAA champion. Gillespie even defeated Michael Chandler in the 2009 NCAA Championship wrestling tournament.

    “I’m the wrestler in that division. I did beat Mike Chandler. Not a lot of people know that it wasn’t a really close match,” Gillespie said, regarding his MD 10-2 victory over Chandler.

    Who do you think Gregor Gillespie should fight next?

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