Greg Hardy on final fight of UFC contract, but ‘paved the way’ for NFL stars like Antonio Brown

    Great news for all the NFL players who burned their gridiron bridges.

    UFC attraction Greg Hardy made it possible for embattled football stars like Antonio Brown to make the transition to combat sports. Before he was a middling heavyweight, the 33 year-old “Prince of War” played for Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys.

    With some off-the-field legal issues that nearly landed him in prison.

    “Man, I would like to see AB fight,” Hardy told “Honestly, bro, Greg Hardy paved the way for all you boys, so you are welcome, for sure. Football players and their versatility have been underrated for a very long time. People have been telling me that I can’t play receiver or do this, I’ve done it all. NFL players are the most agile, versatile, lethal, vicious people on the planet. I think if these guys put their mind to it and overcome the ridiculousness that is training for a fight, I think it would be amazing. The entertainment level will go up, guaranteed. I’m excited to see it, hopefully, they are serious.”

    A shirtless Brown made headlines earlier this month after walking off the field during Tampa Bay’s victory over New York Jets, which led to the Pro Bowler’s eventual release. There was renewed talk of boxing Logan Paul; however, Brown insists on returning to NFL in the fall.

    As for Hardy, this weekend marks the final fight of his UFC contract.

    “I’ve been fighting for my job since I got in this. Nothing is guaranteed in the UFC, nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, so it’s my lane. I’m very comfortable in this lane,” Hardy told “I don’t think I’ll lose. But, if I do and [Dana White] doesn’t decide to bring me back, it’s the same thing, it’s a pleasure. He didn’t have to let me in, he didn’t have to let me shine and he did and we had a hell of a time. I think I’ve been on every Conor (McGregor) card, every big card. It’s been a hell of a ride. Just like when I left the Cowboys, I hope I did more than you guys gave me. I think I did and I think I’m going to keep doing it.”

    Hardy is 4-4 for UFC with one “No Contest.”

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