‘He doesn’t deserve it’ – Jake Paul tells Tommy Fury he’s lost his chance to fight him

    Jake Paul got to 5-0 on his pro boxing record in December with a thunderous KO over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. That win was a rematch from their bout in the summer, which Paul won by split decision.

    The rematch only came about because Paul’s previously slated opponent—Tommy Fury—had to bow out of the contest due to injury. According to John Fury, the father of Fury and world heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, his younger son’s injury was caused by a 230 lb ‘complete idiot’ during sparring.

    With Paul seemingly intent on keeping his boxing scheme going, and possibly extending it to the world of MMA, it’s easy to assume that a re-booked fight with Fury might be on the table.

    However, according to boxing reporter Michael Benson of TalkSport, Paul has no interest in giving Fury the biggest purse of his young career.

    On Twitter Benson quoted Paul saying, “[Fury] wants the payday. But I said it before, I don’t wanna take the fight with him, he doesn’t deserve it. I’d rather fight Tyson Fury. I’ll fight his brother or his dad before I’ll fight Tommy.”

    Paul later signed off on Benson’s tweet, writing ‘no cap’ on a quote-retweet.

    Before Paul vs. Fury was signed, Paul claimed that his prospective opponent was ‘fumbling the bag’ by either not responding to or turning down million dollar offers to fight. At one point Paul claimed Fury was “too busy taking molly” to make the fight official.

    These events lead to Paul stipulating that, should he beat Fury, Fury would have to legally change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’.

    Fury, who is more well known in the UK for his reality TV appearances, is a 7-0 pro. His last win was a decision victory over Paul’s training partner Anthony Taylor. That fight happened on the undercard of the first Paul vs. Woodley fight.

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