Ian Machado Garry says Colby Covington can’t run from him following UFC 298: “He doesn’t have a choice”

    Ian Machado Garry Feels Colby Covington Fight Is Destiny

    Speaking to media members after his victory over Geoff Neal, Ian Machado Garry said that Colby Covington can’t escape a one-on-one showdown with him (via MMAFighting).

    “He doesn’t have a choice,” Garry said at the post-fight press conference for UFC 298. “He’s lost three title fights. He doesn’t have a choice. Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt, but there is no other f****** option for him. Who else are they gonna put? He’s not going to sign the fight grapplers, that’s for sure. He’s not gonna fight [Stephen] ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. Do you know what I mean? What’s the point of putting them two together?

    “He’s going to do what he’s f****** told, and he’s going to fight a young upcoming prospect, so I can f****** take him out of the division, wipe him off the top 15, and the UFC can go, ‘Great. Right. That’s been great. Let’s take that and run with it.’”

    Garry will be moving up to the number eight spot on the official UFC welterweight rankings after his win over Neal. Covington currently holds the number 5 spot. A fight between Garry and Covington would certainly garner attention, but whether or not it’s on the UFC’s radar remains to be seen.

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