Igor Severino — There’s no excuse for biting opponent

    Igor Severino, who was released from the UFC after biting his opponent last weekend, said there is “nothing that could justify” his actions that night.

    Severino, of Brazil, was disqualified in the second round of his UFC debut, after he bit down on Andre Lima’s left arm. The bite left a very visible mark, and quickly resulted in UFC CEO Dana White announcing Severino would not fight for the UFC again. White also awarded Lima the first-ever “Bite of the Night” $50,000 bonus.

    In an interview this week, Severino, 20, said he doesn’t remember biting Lima and doesn’t understand what prompted him to do it.

    “I remember everything that was happening until I got hit with something really hard,” Severino told MMAJunkie. “I watched the video later and I thought it was an elbow. From there, I was on autopilot. I don’t remember anything. I’ve never done anything outside the barriers of the sport. To me, I couldn’t comprehend what’s going on.

    “If you look at the fight, many people came to me and said, ‘Hey, you were winning the round. Why did you do that?’ I watched the video and yes, I think it was one round apiece, or you could say I was winning. There was nothing that could justify me biting.”

    Severino (8-1) went on to say his family has received threatening messages in the aftermath of the incident, which has garnered global attention. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has placed a hold on Severino’s purse for the bout, pending a disciplinary hearing.

    Following Severino’s disqualification and subsequent UFC release, Lima actually expressed sympathy for his fellow Brazilian. There was no bad blood between the two before or during the fight. Severino said he hopes the moment does not end up defining his MMA career and hopes the UFC will eventually give him another chance.

    “I know things look pretty bad for me right now and I just want people to see the person that I am,” Severino said. “Please just let me have a career again. Please give me a chance to come back and redeem myself. Please let me show you all who I really am.”

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