It’s so easy to stream it illegally – Sean O’Malley questions UFC’s PPV price increase

    For the third time in three years, UFC pay-per-view prices are getting a bump. If you were paying $69.99 in 2021, you’ll now fork up $74.99 when you purchase UFC 270, the first PPV event for 2022. It’s been quite a jump from the $59.99 that fans shelled out in 2019.

    There will be a sizable chunk of people who will be completely fine with the increase. On the flip side, there will be those who won’t be willing to pay $70 for a UFC PPV event and will find ways to watch it for free. And this is where bantamweight star Sean O’Malley stands.

    In a recent episode of the Suga Sunday Service, the 26-year-old O’Malley questioned the recent price hike.

    “What the hell are we doing here, Dana?” he said. “It’s just so easy to stream it illegally. Not talking from experience, but just saying to my friends.”

    O’Malley then made some suggestions on how the organization could tighten up its anti-piracy measures.

    “Whoever is in control of the legal streams and stuff at the UFC, or whatever, they need someone that’s good enough at hacking to, right before the main event starts every single time, they just shut it. Right before the good stuff.

    “Someone could do that. Someone smart enough probably could figure it out. They could have a hacking team.”

    The UFC does take a hard stance against unauthorized streaming. In early 2021, company president Dana White went after a supposed streamer of UFC 257 and claimed they were “watching his house.” White also promised to “go after” every single event pirate because apparently, illegal streaming “hurts the individual athletes.”

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