Jake Paul moves on from Tommy Fury, likes the idea of Chavez Jr. fight

    Tommy Fury may have lost himself a massive payday against Jake Paul.

    The YouTuber turned boxer was set to fight Tyson Fury’s little half-brother on December 18th, but the fight fell apart ten days out after Tommy suffered a broken rib. Tyron Woodley stepped in, Jake Paul merc’d him, but the pay-per-view numbers suffered due to the switch up. And now it sounds like Paul isn’t willing to risk another lukewarm sales event.

    “I would rather fight Tyson [Fury],” Paul said on the Boxing with Chris Mannix podcast (via MMA Fighting). “I would want Tyson to come down to cruiserweight and that would be a bigger fight. So I’d rather fight Tyson or his dad. His dad, John, did a better job of promoting the fight than Tommy did. So I would fight his brother or his dad before I’d fight Tommy.”

    Paul is obviously thinking bigger than Tommy now, and that big KO against Tyron Woodley has clearly raised his confidence levels to new heights. A new target: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., whom we last saw lose a split decision to Anderson Silva back in June of 2021.

    “I like that [Chavez Jr.] fight a lot, because it silences the critics,” Paul said. “He was a former world champion, and I know I could beat him. And you look at his record, it’s like 50 wins or something, and I don’t even know the losses, but it’s a good record. So that challenge excites me and I’m down.”

    “And this is what people don’t understand is that, even after I knocked out Woodley, they were all like, ‘Fight a real boxer.’ I’m like, ‘You guys, I tried, and he dropped out of the fight two weeks before.’ So I want to fight a real boxer, newsflash, and I’m going to. Just have some f—king patience.”

    Patience may be a virtue when it comes to Jake Paul fighting again. Word has it he plans to take the first half of 2022 off before making his return to the ring … or cage.

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