Jake Paul moves on from Tommy Fury, likes the idea of Chavez Jr. fight

    Tommy Fury may have lost himself a massive payday against Jake Paul.

    The YouTuber turned boxer was set to fight Tyson Furyโ€™s little half-brother on December 18th, but the fight fell apart ten days out after Tommy suffered a broken rib. Tyron Woodley stepped in, Jake Paul mercโ€™d him, but the pay-per-view numbers suffered due to the switch up. And now it sounds like Paul isnโ€™t willing to risk another lukewarm sales event.

    โ€œI would rather fight Tyson [Fury],โ€ Paul said on the Boxing with Chris Mannix podcast (via MMA Fighting). โ€œI would want Tyson to come down to cruiserweight and that would be a bigger fight. So Iโ€™d rather fight Tyson or his dad. His dad, John, did a better job of promoting the fight than Tommy did. So I would fight his brother or his dad before Iโ€™d fight Tommy.โ€

    Paul is obviously thinking bigger than Tommy now, and that big KO against Tyron Woodley has clearly raised his confidence levels to new heights. A new target: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., whom we last saw lose a split decision to Anderson Silva back in June of 2021.

    โ€œI like that [Chavez Jr.] fight a lot, because it silences the critics,โ€ Paul said. โ€œHe was a former world champion, and I know I could beat him. And you look at his record, itโ€™s like 50 wins or something, and I donโ€™t even know the losses, but itโ€™s a good record. So that challenge excites me and Iโ€™m down.โ€

    โ€œAnd this is what people donโ€™t understand is that, even after I knocked out Woodley, they were all like, โ€˜Fight a real boxer.โ€™ Iโ€™m like, โ€˜You guys, I tried, and he dropped out of the fight two weeks before.โ€™ So I want to fight a real boxer, newsflash, and Iโ€™m going to. Just have some fโ€”king patience.โ€

    Patience may be a virtue when it comes to Jake Paul fighting again. Word has it he plans to take the first half of 2022 off before making his return to the ring … or cage.

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