Joe Rogan shocked watching Demetrious Johnson submit 250-pound competitor at BJJ tournament: “He’s the best ever”

    UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes that Demetrious Johnson might be the greatest of all time.

    Since his UFC exit in late 2018, ‘Mighty Mouse’ has just been having a lot of fun. Demetrious Johnson has largely dominated over in ONE Championship, save for a loss to Adriano Moraes that he later avenged. The flyweight champion is running a very popular and successful YouTube channel and is now getting into grappling tournaments.

    Last month, Demetrious Johnson uploaded a video of himself competing in an openweight tournament. Despite his stature, ‘Mighty Mouse’ won the tournament with ease. During one matchup, Johnson was forced to grapple a 6’3″, 250-pound brown belt, and he still won. That particular clip earned the praise of UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

    The comedian discussed Demetrious Johnson’s grappling success on a recent edition of his Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. There, the UFC commentator was full of praise for the ONE Championship titleholder. Discussing the victory alongside lifelong friend Joey Diaz, Rogan stated that Johnson might very well be the greatest of all time.

    Given Demetrious Johnson’s success both in, and out of the UFC, it’s hard to disagree with Joe Rogan.


    Demetrious Johnson and Joe Rogan

    Image via: @mighty on Instagram

    UFC commentator Joe Rogan praises Demetrious Johnson’s jiu-jitsu tournament win

    “How crazy is that? ‘Mighty Mouse’ took on a guy who is 250 pounds in a jiu-jitsu tournament and he tapped him.” Joe Rogan stated on a recent edition of his podcast, discussing Demetrious Johnson’s recent victory on the mats. “The dude was heavier than him by 100 pounds, the dude was enormous. The guy was so much bigger than him. Look at that size difference, look how big that dude is. But ‘Mighty Mouse’ is so slick.”

    He continued, “There it is, and he manages to stay on top which is really crazy. It’s crazy that he couldn’t get him off of him. That’s technique. It’s pretty wild that he’s even willing to do this while he’s still competing. So he’s still doing MMA, he’s still doing high-level championship fights.”

    “He’s probably the best ever, in terms of just pure martial arts technique.” Joe Rogan concluded. “I think the best expression of martial arts technique is ‘Mighty Mouse’.”

    Joe Rogan’s praise of Demetrious Johnson doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The two have been friends for years now, and the current ONE flyweight champion has repeatedly appeared on the comedian’s podcast. Furthermore, Rogan has been a massive advocate for Johnson even outside of the UFC.

    What do you make of this news involving UFC commentator Joe Rogan? Who do you want to see Demetrious Johnson fight next?

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