Kamaru Usman has a message for his Snapchat haters: “Kill yourself”

    We can’t even begin to imagine the amount of hate some celebrities and athletes get on social media. For a guy like Kamaru Usman, it must be pretty tiring. So tiring that every so often you might just lose it and go off on all the scumbags polluting your inbox and chats.

    That’s what happened late Saturday night as “The Nigerian Nightmare” lost it on Snapchat, ripping a special someone or group of someones for their trollish behavior.

    “Whomever you are watching my story, please just choke yourself,” Usman wrote. “2022 started and your life is centered around others. Better yet, kill yourself. Having fun watching my life and not yours.”

    Anyone wondering if maybe this was another hackjob (Usman’s Twitter was infamously hacked back in January 2020) should know that Usman put up a video the next morning apologizing (sorta) for going off.

    “Let me clear this up, I know that was tough,” Usman said. “It was 4am in the morning, it was a little slizzered and obviously, I typed that the wrong way. Let me rephrase this for that hater, you know who you are, that particular hater — there’s one of you or maybe two of you — that keeps watching my story so you can have something to hate on.”

    “Choke yourself, it’s me saying it now, choke yourself. For the rest of my fans, my real fans, I love and appreciate you guys, I always have and always will.”

    So remember folks: It’s all love … for everyone but one or two special individuals. Be kind to your UFC champions, they certainly don’t deserve to deal with this kind of crap.

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