Lawsuit says security guard watched

    A mother is suing the Baldwin Park Unified School District after she says a school security guard watched along with students while her daughter was violently beaten by another girl in a school bathroom at Baldwin Park High School. The fight was captured on cell phone video. 

    She alleges that the security guard actually allowed boys and girls into the bathroom to watch “as if they were spectators at a UFC fight,” as her attorney Bryan Claypool put it. 

    “To be honest, I’ve only seen this video once,” said mother Maria Fajardo. “I can’t even watch it more than once.”

    The fight happened back on Oct. 18, according to the family. In the cell phone video, one girl can be seen grabbing another and punching her repeatedly, in front of a massive crowd of other students. Fajardo and her attorney also identified a school security guard, who they said watched along and “[had] a smirk or smile on his face while this fight is taking place.”

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    Fajardo said her 16-year-old daughter called her after the fight, and that it was she, not the school, who notified police. Her daughter suffered injuries to her face and her mother said she didn’t want her to return to school.

    Other parents told FOX 11 that they’re “not surprised.” While they didn’t want to be identified, they shared stories about ongoing bullying and fights at the school, but complained that parents aren’t notified, and when they try to make inquiries, school officials say they can’t talk about it.

    Parents said the security guard allegedly seen in the video has been at the school for many years, but since the incident involving Fajardo’s daughter, he hasn’t been seen at Baldwin Park High School. He has, however, been seen at other schools.

    FOX 11 reached out to the Baldwin Park Unified School District, but they said they could not comment on pending litigation, or if the security guard was still working at other schools in the district.

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