Mark Hunt labels Dana White an ‘idiot’ and the UFC ‘crooks’

    Mark Hunt slammed Dana White, and claims that the UFC are ‘crooks’.

    Mark Hunt held nothing back when addressing his situation with the UFC and Dana White, criticising how fighters have been treated by the company.

    Hunt’s story has returned to the news recently after it surfaced that he was ordered to pay $388,235 in legal costs to the organisation.

    Hunt’s lawyer revealed on The MMA Hour that, at the point that the story was picked up, it had been old news. The ruling occurred before Hunt’s current appeal so the story is still ongoing.

    When Ariel Helwani asked Hunt how he currently felt about the situation, he discussed how it was sad it had gotten to this point. Hunt explained his stance on the matter, giving his honest opinion about the UFC and Brock Lesnar.

    “[It’s] bullshit to be honest.

    “I mean, the truth is they cheated, Lesnar cheated and yet I’m the one sitting here and lost six years of my life, well, the rest of my career.

    “I could have fought a few more contracts and you know, people complain about me whining about it.

    “I’m like, they’ve been doing this for a long long time. They’ve been doing this for over 20 years, results coming back after fights.

    “… a bunch of crooks”

    Considering Hunt’s view of the situation, it’s beyond him how the UFC seem to be getting away with what he accuses them of doing.

    “It’s just ridiculous, so, if I’m the only one here that’s done nothing wrong, where’s the recourse for this.

    “This can’t be the answer. Me just getting screwed and they keep doing it to every other fighter.

    “That’s the problem. It’s not just my part, this fight is just for everyone else that’s been cheated out of a position.”

    Hunt questioned how the UFC has got the likes of Jeff Novitzky on their side from the way he views them.

    “I mean, they have guys like Jeff Novitzky working for the UFC now, the golden snitch or whatever he was and now he’s working for those idiots.

    “I mean, it’s sad because you look at the fighters but I feel that people are starting to realise and see what’s been happening for a long long time that this company is just a bunch of crooks.”

    A revolution

    Hunt then slammed the power that the UFC claim to have, saying that they would be nothing without their fighters.

    “This company thinks it’s got all the power at the moment and that’s what it’s leading those fighters to believe but if these fighters realise that they have all the power and all of them just say I want 50/50 pay-per-views, I want the Ali act and I want all these things and things will change in an instance.

    “Without these fighters, there’s no UFC and that idiot Dana talking about, ‘oh hey, we built this company,’ yeah, you built the UFC.

    “The sport, you’ve stolen from the sport, from all the fighters. That’s the difference. There would have been another company that would have brought MMA up to where it is because it is the ultimate in fighting combat.”

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