Mark Hunt slams the UFC over fighter pay

    Mark Hunt

    Former UFC fighter Mark Hunt has hit out at the UFC over fighter pay as his ongoing legal battle with the promotion continues.

    Back in 2016, Mark Hunt’s UFC journey hit a major road block after he was beaten by Brock Lesnar at UFC 200. The win in itself wasn’t too controversial as opposed to the aftermath, in which it was changed to a no-contest due to Lesnar testing positive in a post-fight drug test.

    A recent report claimed that Hunt had to pay UFC in legal fees and during an appearance on The MMA Hour, the heavyweight made it clear that he isn’t going to be silenced.

    “I support all the guys that I’ve helped train with and that helped me train to get where I was, I’ve tried my best to help all of those guys,” Hunt said when asked if he still watches MMA. “But I don’t like watching UFC or fighting in general, because I know what it’s like at the top. I know what they’re fighting for, which is nothing. They’re fighting for nothing. I’m the world champion of what? Explain to me what you’re the world champion of.

    “If you’re the world champion of boxing, there’s reality. You have made it to the top, you don’t have to worry about money, don’t worry about nothing. There’s the goal to reach. Mount Everest. But in the UFC, you make it to the top, what do you get? Look at the champions. Don’t look at what I’m saying, look at the champions in the sport, what have they got? They’re sitting there complaining about money. You’re the world champion of nothing.”

    Quotes via MMA Fighting

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