Michael Bisping Believes Colby Covington’s Hate For Jorge Masvidal Is Genuine

    UFC commentator Michael Bisping thinks Colby Covington’s perceived dislike for his former friend and future opponent, Jorge Masvidal is no laughing matter.

    The MMA community went wild when it was reported that a welterweight grudge match between Covington and Masvidal was set to be the main event of UFC 272. This was after months of back-and-forth and rising tensions between the two former American Top Team teammates.

    Many acknowledge Covington playing a role as a heel when promoting fights, and some have questioned his hate for Masvidal. This is after things have gotten personal between the two welterweight contenders.

    During a recent video on his YouTube channel, Bisping explained why he doesn’t believe it’s valid to accuse Covington of faking his hate for Masvidal.

    “Everyone that you speak to, by the way, says, ‘No, listen, Colby is a really good dude. He’s just selling fights. He’s putting on a persona.’” Bisping said. “And maybe that’s true. If he’s doing it, if he is acting, then give the man a f***ing Oscar because he is acting his socks off every time.”

    “But this stuff – going after Masvidal’s ex-wife, calling him a bad father and stuff like that. I don’t think that’s playing a part. I mean, listen, anytime two guys know each other, when they used to live with one another as they did, they know a lot of personal stuff about one another. And then that’s when the rivalry or the hatred, for want of a better word, can get real thick.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

    Colby Covington And Jorge Masvidal Used To Be Great Friends And Teammates

    Covington and Masvidal used to be good friends as the two of them made their respective rises in the UFC. Covington often cornered Masvidal and was even visibly frustrated when Masvidal suffered split-decision losses.

    The Covington vs. Masvidal main event is a rarity in the UFC for many reasons, but also the fact that main events aren’t usually consisting of non-title fights. This shows how valuable the two of them are when it comes to pay-per-views.

    Bisping is never afraid to speak his feelings, and he believes that we’re in for quite the pre-fight buildup to UFC 272.

    What is your prediction for Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal?

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