Michael Bisping says fans shouldn’t blame the UFC if Conor McGregor gets a title shot in his return: “Blame yourself because you are ultimately responsible” –

    Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping

    Michael Bisping, speaking on his youtube channel is letting fans know they should not blame the UFC, Dana White or anyone else but themselves if Conor McGregor gets a title shot in his return.

    “A lot of people inside the top-15, top-5, top-10, they’re gonna say: ‘What the f*ck is happening? Why is Conor McGregor getting to skip the line?’ Well guess what? As I said this is prize fighting, this is about pay-per-views. This is the UFC and they put on the fights, historically that we want to see, okay.” Bisping said. “The fights that we want to see, they are the fights the UFC put up. So, if you’re not happy that Conor McGregor might get to skip the line and fight the champion when he’s not even ranked, don’t blame Conor McGregor, don’t blame Dana White, don’t blame the UFC, blame your-f*cking-self because you are ultimately responsible.”

    Michael Bisping continued to express his dismay that Conor McGregor is now missing from the Top-15 list of UFC lightweight fighters. Although that should really come as no surprise, as McGregor hasn’t won a fight since 2016 where he toppled Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title at UFC 205.

    By all accounts, if McGregor can get back to a weight of 155 lbs, he will be a contender as he’s aggressive, cocky & confident. Plus, according to Bisping, there’s no bigger star and no one else delivers the excitement that Conor brings to the ring.

    What could possibly be better than a fighter going from unranked to Champion? Love him or hate him, the fans would be on the edge of their seats watching to see if McGregor would win or get knocked out the next time he appears in the Octagon.

    Michael Bisping has these thoughts concerning an Oliveira vs McGregor match:

    “Conor’s done a great job being absolutely polarizing, you know. Polarizing is great, half of them want you to f*cking win with passion and the other half want you f*cking lose with passion. And when you are a f*cking fight guy, that’s the best position to be in. ‘Cos either way people are tuning in to watch you fight. And hey, it’s not impossible. He could come back and knock out Charles Oliveira. Of course he could. It would be insulting to say otherwise. Of course he could. Do I see it happening? I don’t know. More than likely, not.”

    When asked back in August of last year about his return to the ring, McGregor replied:

    “2022. I’m improving rapidly! Working with the best team money can buy! I’ll be back in no time, lock loaded!”

    Do you want to see McGregor’s first return to the Octagon be to challenge Charles Oliveira for the UFC lightweight title? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!

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