Michael Chandler Interested In Dustin Poirier Matchup For 2022 Return

    UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler still thinks a matchup with Dustin Poirier makes a lot of sense if Poirier stays at 155 pounds.

    Chandler still has UFC title ambitions despite back-to-back losses to Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. He remains a big name in the lightweight division and could be back in the title shot conversation if he can get on a winning streak.

    Poirier also lost to Oliveira at UFC 269, and both men are in somewhat of an uncertain position in the 155-pound division. Poirier has also alluded to a move to welterweight for the remainder of his career after losing his second title shot to Oliveira.

    Meanwhile, Chandler has hinted at a possible matchup with Conor McGregor in 2022, although itโ€™s unclear if the UFC will go through with it.

    During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Chandler pointed to what intrigues him about a fight with Poirier.

    โ€œThatโ€™s what I wanted to do when I came into the UFC,โ€ Chandler said. โ€œI wanted to fight all the top guys. Poirier was actually one of the guys that we asked for, and he declined at the very beginning, which I have no problem with that. He was at the top of the division and I was the guy from outside the UFC coming in.

    โ€œSo heโ€™s always been a name on the list. Heโ€™s a guy that I respect. A guy that I admire inside the sport of mixed martial arts. A guy who I would love to compete against.โ€

    Chandler has recently taken back comments in which he referred to Poirier as a โ€œquitterโ€ following his UFC 269 defeat. After getting off to a good start against Oliveira, Poirier was submitted with a standing rear-naked choke in Round 3.

    Chandler and Poirier are still fighting for championships, and a matchup between them would certainly make sense at lightweight. However, Poirierโ€™s reluctance to commit to a future at 155 pounds may take the matchup out of the conversation.

    Who do you want to see Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier fight next?

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