Midnight Mania! Leon Edwards reacts to Covington vs. Masvidal, โ€˜2 bums coming off lossesโ€™

    Welcome to Midnight Mania!

    Jorge Masvidal vs. Colby Covington was officially booked earlier today for UFC 272, and fans are excited! The two Welterweights are highly ranked and quite popular โ€” or hated, which is kind of the same thing from a certain point of view โ€” which makes for an intriguing match up before even mentioning the bad blood and history between them (more on that later). Case in point: how many other non-title fights would be deemed fit to headline a pay-per-view (PPV)? Not too many.

    Of course, not everyone is impressed by the match up. Top-ranked Welterweight contender Leon Edwards has targeted a fight with both men, but neither match up has come to fruition. In particular, heโ€™s tried to fight Jorge Masvidal several times, but thereโ€™s been an obstacle at every turn. The English talent is unimpressed with the new main event, describing the match up as, โ€œ2 bums coming off lossesโ€ with an accompanying face palm emoji.

    Sour grapes or an unfortunate truth? Like it or not, neither Covington nor Masvidal have really been racking up wins in recent years. Of course, thatโ€™s largely due to Kamaru Usman, who has handed the pair their four most recent losses … and gave Edwards his most recent loss too!

    Part of Edwards complaint likely is due to the fact that thereโ€™s few other high-profile match ups left for him as a result of this booking. Now that those two are booked, less enviable match ups like a Belal Muhammad rematch or Khamzat Chimaev rebooking are all that make sense.



    … Some things are better left off Twitter, but once online, Iโ€™m gonna post โ€˜em!

    Giga Chikadze is only recently scoring stoppages inside the Octagon, but heโ€™s been a heavy hitter since day one.

    A Middleweight banger rebooked:

    Itโ€™s now fully official: Kai Kara-France will face Askar Askarov in a likely Flyweight title eliminator on March 27.

    A brief look back at the history of our lead story … Count me among the aforementioned group of excited fans!

    Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling are bickering about which man delayed their title fight.

    Best of luck to Chad Mendesโ€™ bare knuckle debut opponent.

    Slips, rips, and KO clips

    The man below is facing Michel Pereira on short-notice this weekend.

    Best protect yaโ€™ feet!

    Brutal, chopping low kicks:

    Random Land

    Fossils are fascinating.

    Midnight Music: 1979, classic rock.

    Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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