Miesha Tate clarifies stance on fighters having OnlyFans accounts, apologizes to anybody offended

    Miesha Tate has no desire to start her own OnlyFans page, but she’s not begrudging anybody else for making that personal choice.

    That response came after Tate was criticized by fellow fighters after making an offhanded comment in response to a message on her YouTube channel, which asked if she was going to join the adult-oriented subscription service.

    “Nowhere in this video did I say I was desperate,” Tate said Monday on The MMA Hour as she addressed future plans on a possible move down to 125 pounds.

    The word “desperate” led to a number of people taking aim at Tate, including fellow UFC fighter Julia Avila, who slammed her for the “aggravating” comment, adding “it’s not our place to judge or to tear down another woman for [doing] it.’”

    Tate explained how her quote was really taken out of context as she was answering a direct question from a fan rather than trying to provide some kind of social commentary on anybody starting an OnlyFans page.

    “First of all, this was not a public statement, although I understand anything I say on the internet even if it is just a comment back to a fan on my YouTube channel, not something I meant publicly, that yes it can be taken out of context and the media can take and do what they want,” Tate said. “I would like to note that none of the headlines actually quoted me. They only used one word that I used. But I have been getting a lot of comments and even to the point where I feel like it’s like harassing you, like leave me alone. I don’t want to have an OnlyFans.

    “I don’t want to do that because I feel like in my position, people are already calling for my retirement. They’re already writing me off. I’ve worked so hard for so long being a pioneer on this sport that I will do everything that I can to be taken as serious as I can. This is my personal [choice]. This is not a reflection of how anyone else chooses to lead their life or if they feel good about doing an OnlyFans, then great! Do it! I have no problem with women going out there, men going out there, whoever wants to get on OnlyFans, do it. But for me, I don’t want to be perceived as someone who is fighting as a secondary [option] or getting attention for fighting as a secondary [option]. I don’t want OnlyFans to be the reason that people are interested in me.”

    Over the past couple of years a number of high-profile fighters have started OnlyFans pages, which typically charges a subscription rate to join along with the potential to charge more money for access to additional content such as photos or videos.

    UFC and Bellator veteran Bec Rawlings previously told MMA Fighting how starting an account on the site lifted a huge financial burden off her during the pandemic when she was unable to book a fight or travel out of her home in Australia.

    “Look it’s been a game changer for me,” Rawlings told MMA Fighting back in October 2020. “I’d be stressing and freaking out right now. I definitely wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in right now if I didn’t start my OnlyFans.

    “I took the plunge and I’ve never really been one to care about what people think or say. I put myself out there and it’s definitely paid off.”

    A number of other high-profile fighters such as former UFC star and current BKFC fighter Paige VanZant have started their own websites featuring similar adult content, which has resulted in a massive financial windfall. VanZant later admitted that she was “making more money than my entire BKFC contract in like a month” from her fan site.

    Tate doesn’t fault anybody else from joining OnlyFans or producing adult content, but it’s just not something that she has interest in doing for herself.

    “I’m engaged, I’m a mother of two, and I let one fan kind of piss me off and it was accumulating of people ‘start OnlyFans! Retire. Do an OnlyFans! Retire!’ I’m like guys I’m not desperate for that,” Tate explained. “I want to fight. I don’t need money and that’s where the clarification goes for that. I wouldn’t go and just sell myself on OnlyFans for just money. I don’t need money and I’m not doing this for money. I’m OK, guys. I’m OK.

    “The word choice I used was wrong and I’m very sorry if it offended anybody who has an OnlyFans cause it certainly was not my intention. I was not targeting anybody. I love Kendra Lust. I’m just a big supporter of any — I’ll say people in general — but I’m such a big supporter and proponent of women doing whatever they want.”

    More than anything, Tate just wants to make it clear that she personally has no interest in starting an OnlyFans page. She hopes her response will finally quiet those calls, which is what made her lash out in the first place.

    While it’s clearly not for her, Tate promises she has no issues whatsoever with anybody else joining the site, producing content or making money from it.

    “I hope clarifies where I was coming from,” Tate said. “I support anybody doing whatever it is that makes them happy but on my personal journey, I would appreciate it if the fans would stop asking me do that.

    “I do sincerely apologize. I did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel bad for having an OnlyFans. You want to have one? Go for it. I support it 100 percent but please, you guys, stop asking that of me because it’s not the direction I want to go. I want to pursue fighting and I appreciate we can all have our individual choice so let me have mine.”

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