Mike Perry Takes Heat For Using N-Word In Twitter Beef (2020)

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    Headline: Mike Perry Takes Heat For Using N-Word In Social Media Beef With Michael Jai White

    Mike Perry is defending himself after taking heat for using the N-word.

    Perry hasn’t been one to shy away from controversy. “Platinum” is known for being outspoken and some have said his personality is an acquired taste. Some, however, believe that Perry has gone too far with his insult towards actor and martial artist Michael Jai White.

    Mike Perry Gets Flak For Saying N-Word, Responds

    Perry recently took to Twitter to challenge White to a “backyard bare-knuckle” fight.

    “I just feel like #KimboSlice would beat the fuck outta @MichaelJaiWhite and his tone in the video really bothered me. He should fight me backyard bare knuckle because I would like to learn this ‘prison movie technique’ he was talking about #PPV #Or #For #Free.”

    White fired back at Perry with an offer of his own.

    “Maybe if MP learned my ‘Prison Movie Technique’ he wouldn’t be ranked #20? I got no time for playground callouts Brother but holla when you come thru and maybe I’ll have time to give you a personal demo. Just DM me Bro. It really ain’t that hard!”

    Perry would go on to question what credibility White has when it comes to world-class competition.

    “What’s your world class rank ? I’m the real deal. I know it. I leveled up the intensity of the whole sport soon as I hit the world stage. You fight on playgrounds in your movies. Fight me in a pro fight and let the world watch. @danawhite ‘s backyard .”

    Things took a turn when Perry used the N-word in an attempt to goad White into a fight.

    Perry caught flak for his use of the N-word from fans and even UFC strawweight Angela Hill.

    “White people using ‘nigga’ to insult a black person, I don’t give a fuck what your intentions were, it ain’t right. The few times I’ve run into Perry during fights he’s seemed cool, this isn’t cool.”

    Perry isn’t likely to apologize anytime soon.

    “You have to make a big deal out of this. A white man said that to you because you straight up being one. Y’all can’t act like you don’t hear me. It was bull shit he was trying to slander a real gangsta so people would think he more than an actor. For #FLA we say #FOH”

    “You are already offended I’m alive and breathing.”

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