MMA Fighter Alleges Promotion’s Terrorism Ties Prevented His Payment

    MMA fighter Marcus Davis, who recently made his MMA return at Premier FC 32, allegedly didn’t get paid for his first-round finish in November.

    The 48-year-old Davis, who was a mainstay in the UFC‘s welterweight division between 2006 and 2010, had made his return to the cage after a seven-year absence. Despite being long past his physical prime, Davis looked like he hadn’t missed a second of the action as he submitted Stephen Stengel in minutes.

    But Davis isn’t happy with the way he’s been treated in the days and weeks since his return. In a recent thread on Facebook, the MMA fighter accused Premier FC of failing to pay him for his win for circumstances outside of his control.

    “Zero, been two months, haven’t paid me 1 cent,” Davis said when asked if he’d been paid. “They ghosted me for the past 25 days. I reached out to them today to let them know I was going public. Only to have the CEO threaten me with an attorney if I spoke out. The claim is they took on an investor that after his check cleared the bank, the fed froze the account because the investor had ties to terrorism.”

    During his time with the UFC, Davis had fought some of the best at 170 pounds, including Nate Diaz at UFC 118. He also earned wins over the likes of Chris Lytle and Paul Kelly in the Octagon.

    The promotion has yet to respond to Davis’ comments and it’s unclear if he’ll ultimately be compensated for his latest victory.

    You can view Davis’ first-round victory at the Premier FC 32 event below via Marcus Davis’ YouTube channel.

    What is your reaction to these wild allegations of an MMA promotion failing to pay a fighter due to an investor being tied to terrorism?

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