Nate Diaz Provides “Signature” To The UFC To Fight Dustin Poirier

    UFC welterweight Nate Diaz is ready to fight Dustin Poirier and aimed at the UFC to make it happen in a recent tweet.

    Diaz and Poirier have called to fight one another for months, with talks ramping up following Poirierโ€™s most recent loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269. In the aftermath of the defeat, Poirier said Diaz would be the one fight he would be most excited about for a return.

    Negotiations havenโ€™t budged since the two first talked about fighting in January, but it appears that wonโ€™t happen. Itโ€™s unclear when Diaz and Poirier will be matched up with one another and whether or not the fight will happen at all.

    But Diaz appears to be ready to move forward with negotiations, as evidenced by a recent tweet.

    โ€œ[UFC] stop playing with me,โ€ Diaz said. โ€œConsider this my signature to fight this f**ker I been trying to fight for a minute quit slowing down the real fight game itโ€™s time.

    Nate Diaz Appears Ready To Fight

    Diaz hasnโ€™t fought in the octagon since his defeat to Leon Edwards at UFC 263. He lost the fight via a unanimous decision despite a late flurry which nearly finished the bout in his favor.

    Diaz and Poirier were supposed to compete in late 2018 before the fight fell through. The two sides have accused the other of the fight not coming to fruition, but the bout may happen after all.

    Itโ€™s unclear if Poirier will make an eventual return to lightweight, but he seems content on pursuing new ventures at welterweight. During recent interviews, heโ€™s alluded to the weight cut to 155 pounds having quite the toll on his body.

    Itโ€™ll be interesting to see if the UFC brass, and more specifically Dana White, move forward on a formal negotiation.

    Do you think Nate Diaz vs. Dustin Poirier will happen next?

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