Ngannou Believes The UFC Is The Reason Gane Is The Betting Favorite

    Francis Ngannou is blaming the UFC for the betting odds on his upcoming main event against Ciryl Gane.

    UFC 270 is just one day away and it will be headlined by a massive heavyweight title unification fight. Champion Francis Ngannou will be taking on his former training partner, interim champion Ciryl Gane. leading up to this fight the betting odds are swinging in favor of Gane, who is currently a very small betting favorite at around -120.

    Ngannou disagrees with this line and is blaming the UFCโ€™s hard push on Gane as the reason.

    โ€œWell, usually, I donโ€™t look (at) those stuff, and I donโ€™t care about it because the first time that I lost against Stipe, I was the favorite, by far the favorite,โ€ Ngannou said in an interview with Max Kerllerman on ESPNโ€™s This Just In. โ€œAnd it didnโ€™t go (my way). So those doesnโ€™t matter much.

    โ€œAnd honestly, I think right here, the reason is just because in the past month, theyโ€™ve been doing everything to promote him and technically, I would say dispromote me. And people cannot sleep on my performance and forget about me.โ€

    There has been a rough relationship between Ngannou and the UFC ever since he won the title. Just months after he was crowned that champion, the UFC set up an interim title fight.

    Following that, there have been some contract negotiation issues that have placed Ngannouโ€™s post-UFC 270 status in question. Although Dana White has been doing his best to downplay the severity of the disagreement, Ngannou still seems unhappy and could possibly leave the UFC with a loss on Saturday night. If he were to win, however, the ball would be in his court and perhaps he could get what he wants.

    You can catch Ngannouโ€™s full ESPN interview below.

    Do you think the UFC has been promoting Ciryl Gane more than Francis Ngannou?

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