Pic: Dustin Poirier is suddenly jacked, touts ‘bulking’ season ahead of UFC return


    Longtime UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier, who started his career at 145 pounds, is starting to look more and more like a welterweight in the final chapter of his MMA career, recently posting a “bulking” pic ahead of his 2022 return.

    “The Diamond,” who turns 33 in just a few days, has contemplated a jump to 170 pounds in the past, but it would probably take the right opponent (like this trash-talking rival) for the No. 2-ranked lightweight to finally pull the trigger.

    “We should have a weight class between 155 and 170,” Poirier previously wrote on Twitter. “162 lbs or 165 lbs would be perfect. I’d never cut to 155 ever again.”

    UFC refuses to make any “nutty” changes to its current weight classes, which leaves those combatants looking for more options to consider other promotions, like the fighter-friendly Eagle Fighting Championship, run by former UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov.

    A date and opponent for Poirier’s return have yet to be finalized.

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