Post-UFC 270, Jon Jones More Confident Than Ever About His 2022 Goal

    Jon Jones is teeming with confidence after taking in the UFC 270 main event between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane.

    For months, Jon Jones has not wavered about his decision to finally make the move up to heavyweight and vie for the division’s world title. After an inactive 2021 with another arrest controversy, Jones’ future in the sport was once again subject to speculation.

    Heading into 2022, however, Jones let it be known that his professional focus remained steady despite his ever-turbulent personal life.

    “I said I’ll be the champion in 2022, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I feel like I’m jumping up three weight classes, going from competing at 205 pounds to 265 pounds is no easy task. Nothing great happened overnight, I’m patient and I’m working my ass off every day towards my goals,” Jones posted last month.

    Of course, heading into this past weekend, the entire world was waiting with bated breath to see what would happen when the Ford Escort power of Francis Ngannou crossed paths with the new-wave heavyweight that is Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

    Jones was expectedly chief among those interested. In fact, Jones himself took to social media to express just how closely he’d be watching the highly anticipated heavyweight clash.

    “Really have no clue who’s going to win, I’m just excited to watch the fight. Going to learn so much about the both of them no matter how it goes down,” Jones responded when asked to give his official prediction for the UFC 270 main event.

    Jon Jones Shares Post-Fight Reaction To UFC 270 Main Event

    The main event went down at UFC 270, and as Ngannou hinted, it was indeed a surprising one for many fans. The outcome was so surprising that the oddsmakers had it listed as +1200, meaning that those who bet $100 on a Ngannou decision victory took home $1,200.

    As for Jon Jones, he derived something even more valuable from the main event than cash: a new level of confidence ahead of his anticipated heavyweight debut later this year.

    “If this is the Apex of heavyweight fighting, I’m excited about it. Got some more records to break,” Jones posted.

    “I love how everyone gets so impressed with the new guy lol,” Jones’ main event commentary began in an apparent reference to Ciryl Gane.

    “Lol Shit I may just enjoy retirement,” Jones posted in a cryptic tweet before letting his confidence be known in his follow-up tweets:

    “Lol stay humble? Sure I’ll stay humble, sleeping like a baby tonight. People talk so much shit, have no clue what it takes.”

    “At the end of the day, I’m fucking them both up,” Jones concluded in a since-deleted tweet.

    As of now, it is still unconfirmed if Jones will be next in line for Francis Ngannou or even if he will compete at all this year. Not unlike Ngannou, Jones has been in sterile contract negotiations with the UFC, thus his future in the promotion remains uncertain.

    In fact, White himself stated as recently as last week that he was uncomfortable to say with certainty that Jones is next in line for a title shot due to him not being sure of what Jones will decide to do. All things considered, 2022 may be the one year where the heavyweight drama outside of the cage is more impactful than the heavy blows dealt on the inside.

    MMA News will keep you posted on the latest developments of what is next for the biggest players of the division and the landscape of the world title picture.

    After watching UFC 270, who do you think would win between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones?

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