Saudi-Backed Professional Fighters League Buys Bellator. Could They Rival The UFC?

    Saudi Arabia’s sportswashing continues!

    Professional Fighters League (PFL), a mixed martial arts outfit that has backing from Saudi Arabia, has purchased Bellator in an agreement with Paramount Global, according to an announcement from the company. PFL says the deal features top fighters and launches a “combined fighter roster … equal in stature to UFC.”

    Details highlighting the financials are currently unknown. PFL’s acquisition of Bellator follows Paramount’s October announcement that they’re planning on shutting down Showtime sports operations by the end of 2023 — included in an overhaul that’s taking place at the network. (RELATED: REPORT: The 2034 FIFA World Cup Has Already Been Given To Saudi Arabia, And It Has People Going Hmmm …)

    All of the Bellator fighters who have been purchased will now officially be a part of PFL and able to fight in PFL franchises.

    Launched in 2018, PFL reportedly received a $100 million investment into the league back in August from Saudi Arabia through their sovereign wealth fund’s vehicle branded SRJ Sports Investments.

    Man, it’s insane what the Saudis are doing when it comes to sports.

    You see ’em throwing outrageous amounts of cash into the soccer realm, into golf, into F1 and now here they go making the move into mixed martial arts.

    Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wasn’t kidding around when he said he wanted Saudi Arabia to dominate sports.

    Still won’t compete with good ol’ America though … just sayin’.

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