Sean O’Malley responds to Aljamain Sterling

    Sean O’Malley and UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling have had a bit of an odd back and forth. The two were going at it over some recent comments about Sterling headlining a pay-per-view.

    It doesn’t seem like Sean O’Malley meant to be malicious in his comments. The UFC bantamweight clarified the situation on his podcast with his brother.

    “When I said I’m surprised that Petr and Aljo can’t main event on their own, I was saying that like, I’m genuinely surprised the UFC doesn’t just have them (headline). It’s a main event in the most stacked division in the UFC,” O’Malley said on his podcast. “(Sterling) took that as an offensive comment, which I get. But then he also agreed. He’s like, ‘blah, blah, blah… but he’s right.’

    “So I was saying it like, I’m surprised they don’t just main event (UFC 272). They could, 100%.” O’Malley continued. “Would it do crazy numbers? No, but they could be its own main event, that’s what I was saying, and he did not like that. He got offended and started going off. But he also agreed. He’s like, ‘Yeah well, they would have to build a big card around us,’ which means put me on the card. But I get it.”

    Sean O’Malley continued to explain that he actually likes the UFC bantamweight champion. He couldn’t help but fire off an extra shot at him.

    “It would be frustrating to be the champ and not be respected as the champ, and the way he won; I get it. I like Aljo, he seems like a good dude… he sounded stumbled.”

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