Sean Strickland KOs Sparring Partner With Vicious Head Kick

    Sean Stricklandโ€™s actions are every bit as untamed as his words based on newly leaked footage from a sparring session turned black.

    The lights that were shut off were from the poor fellow who found himself on the wrong end of a barrage from the #7-ranked middleweight. In an eight-second clip that was leaked on social media Wednesday, Strickland can be seen going full-go in a sparring session against an overwhelmed partner who would soon be rendered unconscious after a perfectly placed head kick. Peep it out down below.

    This is not the first time Strickland has been seen in viral training footage. Last year, a video was leaked that captured the middleweight losing his cool with grappling partner Orlando Sanchez.

    Indeed, there never seems to be a dull, pedestrian moment whenever Sean Strickland is on the scene. And as far as his unordinary sparring sessions are concerned, even when there isnโ€™t leaked footage, there are still stories to tell.

    Just yesterday, we ran a story where Strickland gave a brief summary of what it feels like to be sparring the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion himself, Francis Ngannou.

    โ€œYou know, I would like to think that I fucked Francis up, but I really think that heโ€™s very niceโ€ฆ Heโ€™s a good dude, man. I was actually sparring him the other day and I told Francis, โ€˜Youโ€™ve never experienced this in your life, but when I spar you and youโ€™re throwing punches at me, like, I genuinely have fear. Youโ€™ve probably never felt that in your life.โ€™ But Francis is a great guy. He throws hard, I trust him not to hurt me. Anytime he fucking wants to bang, dude, I welcome it.โ€

    When heโ€™s not allowing Ngannou to โ€œbangโ€ with him, he instead occupies his time by banging sparring partnersโ€™ domes with flush head kicks into la-la land. Hopefully, the gentleman on the wrong end of Stricklandโ€™s onslaught will not suffer any long-term, lingering effects from his knockout experience.

    Stricklandโ€™s intense preparation is being put to use leading up to his February bout against #5-ranked Jack Hermansson. With a victory, that would make six straight for Strickland, not counting the KO dub he just earned on his poor sparring partner in the above video.

    Would you be open to a sparring session against UFC wildman Sean Strickland?

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