Tai Tuivasa opens up about his losses and rebirth in UFC โ€“ CVBJ

    Tai Tuivasa celebrating his victory over Augusto Sakai at UFC 269

    Tai Tuivasa made his very strong entrance into the UFC in 2017. He had a 6-0 record that increased with three wins in a row.: Rashad Coulter (KO, R1), Cyril Asker (TKO, R1) and Andrei Arlovski (unanimous decision). But at the end of 2018 a nightmare began as it was the beginning of a streak of three losses.: Junior dos Santos (TKO, R2), Blagoy Ivanov (unanimous decision) and Sergey Spivak (Surrender, R2). A nightmare, a streak, of which has bounced back with four wins.

    In October 2020, a year after his last loss, he knocked out Stefan Struve in the first round. By March 2021, Harry Hunsucker also finished by technical knockout in the first round. In July he put Greg Hardy to sleep in a minute. And last December he did the same with Augusto Sakai in the second round. Tai Tuivasa is in spectacular shape. Having said that, How was your rebirth? โ€œBam Bamโ€ recently opened up on The MMA Hour.

    โ€œMy trust has always been there. I am a fighter, so I think deep down I will fight. If my back is against the wall, I will fight. It doesnโ€™t matter who he is or where he is. But I think it was more than my head was not in it. And when you get to a certain level, I rushed in and it was all over the place. I went from fighting small shows in Australia to being on the UFC cards and this and that. And it was just that I was probably a little confused, I was probably a little puzzled.

    โ€œI just had to fix a few things and really had to figure out what I wanted to do with myself., and I really think I enjoy this fighting stuff. I have always liked to fight. I like hitting people and getting hit and blood, I love everything. But since I turned pro, I think I just needed to fix a few things.

    โ€œI donโ€™t think I was happy with myself. I really donโ€™t think I knew if I wanted to fight. I love to fight but I didnโ€™t know if I wanted to do it full time. I donโ€™t think I was taking training as seriously as I should. Nothing too extreme. It was just a few certain things. But I still drink, I still have fun.

    I still do the same sh * t. But when I go to train now, I have a different mindset. I never thought about that, I only thought about the fight. Now I think about training, I think about preparation, good nutrition, whatever it takes to be a professional. Iโ€™m just learning

    ยซLosing (was the key). Perder helped me. Being beaten and defeated in front of your family, in front of your friends, not only them but also the world. But that sh * t means a lot to me. My mom has to see me sitting there with blood on my face. And I donโ€™t want to go in there next time. If I lose, losing is okay. But if I lose, I want to come in and say, โ€˜Fuck **, I had a chance. I put it all in, but I lost. โ€˜ And thatโ€™s okay. But I knew I had more and I still have more to give, and I think Iโ€™m just starting out in this game.. Iโ€™m still one of the youngest (heavyweights) in the UFC. โ€œ


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