UFC Delayed Rematch To Avoid Sterling Headlining PPV

    Petr Yan has his theory on why the UFC opted to move his scheduled rematch with Aljamain Sterling from UFC 272 to the UFC 273 co-main.

    Yan lost his bantamweight title to Sterling at UFC 259 after landing an illegal knee to a grounded Sterling late in the fight. Sterling would earn the title via disqualification and the saga began regarding rematch talks.

    Sterling and Yan were originally scheduled to square off at UFC 267, but Sterling pulled out due to lingering health issues. Yan would go on to fight and defeat Cory Sandhagen for the interim belt at UFC 267.

    After they were originally scheduled once again to battle at UFC 272, the fight has now been pushed back to UFC 273. The two sides have gone at it on social media regarding the reasoning for the delay, with Sterling accusing Yan of being responsible for it.

    The two went at it on Twitter regarding the situation, with Yan citing Sterling as the reasoning.

    โ€œPathetic liar desperately trying to look good and control the narrative but it wonโ€™t work. Iโ€™m vaccinated and ready to bash you anywhere even tomorrow. UFC simply doesnโ€™t want fake champion to headline the event,โ€ Yan tweeted.

    The UFC and president Dana White havenโ€™t come out publically and explained the fight getting pushed back. Yanโ€™s attack prompted a brutal response from Sterling.

    โ€œLmao Iโ€™m only repeating what I was told from the bosses. Donโ€™t get your potato tits in a twist! Iโ€™d happily fuck you up tmw too. That can easily be arranged.โ€

    The bantamweight title picture has been searching for clarity ever since Sterling controversially earned the belt. The UFCโ€™s feelings about the situation can be attributed to Yan being on the pound-for-pound list while the champion Sterling is notably absent.

    For now, it appears that the Sterling-Yan rematch is set to happen at UFC 273, and fans will need to keep their fingers crossed regarding any potential shakeups between now and then.

    What is your prediction for the Petr Yan-Aljamain Sterling rematch?

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