UFC Featherweight Bryce Mitchell Sparks Backlash With Disgusting Comment About Indigenous Americans

    Another day, another crazy Bryce Mitchell rant on social media.

    If you’ve spent some time on the UFC featherweight standout’s various social media channels, you will likely see ‘Thug Nasty’ offer his … unique take on a variety of issues including religion, the (not actually) flat earth, and his dreams of one day being able to legally purchase raw milk in his home state of Arkansas.

    Most of it has a sort of ignorant charm that you can’t help, but laugh at. Unfortunately, Mitchell has also outed himself as an unadulterated bigot on more than one occasion — as evidenced by a recent post on Instagram where the 16-2 fighter claimed that Native Americans were too busy “killing each other and raping the losers” to defend themselves when the white man came to steal their land.

    “Well they couldnt beat the white man cause the white man came with Jesus and we stand together, the natives all spent their time killing each other and raping the losers and never progressed past basic tribes,” Mitchell wrote. “i prefer society for things such as air conditioning and cars, and wat not.”

    Mitchell is currently sitting on the sidelines following a self-imposed six-month sabbatical after suffering an absolutely brutal first-round knockout against former interim title challenger Josh Emmett at UFC 296.

    Emmett’s quick KO of ‘Thug Nasty’ was immediately dubbed one of the most horrifying in UFC history. Sadly, it did little in the way of knocking some sense into Mitchell.

    UFC Fans React to Bryce Mitchell’s anti-indigenous Comment

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