UFC on ESPN 32 play-by-play and live results

    Round 1 โ€“ Brown pressuring with jabs from the center. Rosa circling left on the outside and kicking low. Brown adding the right hand, as well. Rosa catches the cup with a kick, but we continue. Brown confident, switching stances and firing big punches. He kicks to the body, as well. Rosa low kick landing. Brown changes levels and drives forward for the takedown. Rosa scrambles up and grabs the neck but canโ€™t get the choke. They move back to the feet. Rosa misses on a massive left hand. He goes back to chopping the legs. Rosa lands a nice right hand, but Brown answers quickly. Two minutes remain, and Rosa opening up a bit. Rosa high kick blocked. Punches traded. Brown still the one pressuring. He drives forward for a takedown. Rosa quickly to a knees and then his feet. He grabs the guillotine and drops to the floor. Brown moves out to side control, and Rosa lets the choke go. Brown sets up the arm-triangle, but Rosa able to survive. Rosa looks for the armbar at the end as Brown punches from top. Fun round, and MMA Junkie gives it to Brown, 10-9.

    Round 2 โ€“ They engage again quickly with strikes, exchanging punches on the feet. Brown drives forward for the takedown early. Rosa tries to grab the neck. Not there, but it creates a scramble, and Rosa moves to the top. Not there long, as Brown answers with his own sweep. Brown back to the arm-triangle. Rosa defends well, and though it looks tight, but he refuses to tap. Brown sets back up on top with strikes. Rosa grabs the arm. It forces Brown to withdraw and reset. They scramble again, but itโ€™s Brown that gets to top. One minute remains. Brown in side control and lands a few nasty elbows on top. Rosa turns to his knees, and Brown threatens the back. Rosa turns again, and Brown locks in the arm-triangle once again. Rosa refusing to tap. Brown lets go, and Rosa threatens the arm. Round ends, and MMA Junkie gives it to Brown, 10-9.

    Round 3 โ€“ Brown pressing forward again quickly with punches, and he turns to the takedown, slamming Rosa to the canvas and setting up in side control. Rosa turns and exposes his back. Brown trying to take the back, but he slides off. Rosa capitalizes and takes side control. This is a potential moment for Rosa, but Brown patiently waits and then scrambles free. They roll and move back down, and Brown is in the dominant spot once again. He continues to win these exchanges. Rosa scrambles to the feet and looks to attack the neck as they move back to the floor. Rosa desperate for the submission here. Brown wisely battling the hands. Under a minute, and Rosa trying for options. Not there, and Brown scrambles up. Rosa with a late takedown again and lands a few strikes at the bell. MMA Junkie gives the final round to Rosa, 10-9, but awards the fight to Brown, 29-28.

    Result: TJ Brown def. Charles Rosa via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
    Photos: UFC on ESPN 32: Best photos from Las Vegas
    Records: TJ Brown (16-8 MMA, 2-2 UFC), Charlesย Rosa (14-7 MMA, 5-7 UFC)
    Division: Featherweight
    Broadcast:ย ESPN+
    Referee: Mark Smith
    Judging: Mike Bell (29-28, giving Brown rounds 1 and 2), Adalaide Byrd (29-28, giving Brown rounds 1 and 2), Junichiro Kamijo (29-28, giving Brown rounds 1 and 2)

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