UFC star Kamaru Usman urges haters to commit suicide in extraordinary Snapchat rant

    UFC champion Kamaru Usman has launched an extraordinary rant on his Snapchat, during which he tells his haters to kill themselves.

    Usman is arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC right now. The Nigerian Nightmare is on a fourteen-fight winning streak in the UFC, which has seen him rise from a relatively unknown fighter to the man to beat in the sport.

    Sadly, even if youโ€™re a fighter of Usmanโ€™s calibre, there is always going to be those who intend on bringing you down a peg. The 34-year-old has learnt that the hard way on Snapchat.

    Usman, clearly enraged by some of the messages sent in his direction on Snapchat, posted on his story condemning those who criticised him and telling them to kill themselves.

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